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The nonprofit Friends of Theater and Arts, believes the performing arts strengthen our community and improve our quality of life.  The Zero Clearance Theater stage which is inside the Lion Mountain Bakery operates under FOTA.  Ticket sales alone do not fully cover the operating expenses involved in running our theater.  Thousands of volunteer hours including some of us dipping into our own pockets to pay for props, costumes, set design and then there is the cost of repairs and maintenance, electricity, etc.  EVERY DONATION COUNTS!  Infact, being that we are a registered non-profit all your donations are tax deductable.    It is because of donors and sponsors such as yourself, that Oakridge, Westfir and greater Lane County has a theater.  Any donation you can make will be used well to help us keep creating the magic of live theatre.   We believe this helps enrich our lives and most certainly brings culture and education to our families, friends and neighbors.  Thank you for supporting live entertainment and Theater!

We are currently collecting donations for tiered seating and to have a wall built next to the seating area.  Since we lost access to our last stage, we moved to an area inside the Lion Mountain Bakery.  We have built a whole new stage, set up lighting and sound as well as a three tiered curtain.  Dressing rooms in the back are separated by cloth partitions.  We want to make the audience comfortable first!  

So far, of the $8,000 we are trying to raise ~ We are over 1/8th of the way there!

With a total donated of $1,175 (April 26, 2023) we are on our way because of YOU!

Thank you Friends of Theater and Arts!

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